1. FC Saarbrücken: SCHEU “Everyone must be clear about the chance of promotion”

In the dressing room, HE sets the pace!

In the summer, Robin Scheu (27) from Sandhausen moved to FCS. In terms of sport, things did not go well for the midfielder at first, first a muscle fiber tear, then a tear in the lateral ligament and finally the corona virus kept throwing him back.

Now he’s fit, scored a goal in the 5-1 win in Munich and was on the pitch for over an hour. On Sunday (2 p.m.) he and Saarbrücken will continue against Meppen. Before the game day, the Saarlanders are in 4th place (46 points).

BILD asked Saarbrücken’s cabin DJ: Is FCS rocking the promotion places again, Mr. Scheu?

The midfielder: “We have to make sure that we win every game now. The next few weeks will be extremely important. You can see that the others are also leaving points – in the end we decide what to do with them.”

In 2004, FCS was promoted to the second division – a historic opportunity!

“We’re at the top now. Everyone must be aware that if we keep playing like this, we have a chance of playing for promotion to the end. It must be clear to everyone that there is a great opportunity to move up to the second division.”

Scheu heats up the team – in the truest sense of the word!

“Before the match, I usually play hip-hop – a little something to push. Because something motivating is required and not a hit. Mostly in English. After the game, I let myself be inspired by the others, they also have their wishes,” explains the right winger.

By the way: Scheu also hung up in the locker room at his previous stations in Cologne and Sandhausen. “I always qualified for it quickly,” he says with a laugh.

He reveals: “We have two songs that celebrate everyone from the team. That’s ‘Pepas’ by Farruko and ‘Do It To It’ by Acraze. When those two songs come on, everyone will know.”

Hopefully on Sunday too!


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