1. FC Saarbrücken: KOSCHINAT That’s why we get Bremen’s Becker

Now Saarbrücken has struck the transfer market after all!

Former junior international Dominik Becker (22) will come to Saarland on loan from second division Bremen until the summer of 2023. Sports director Jürgen Luginger (54) said on Monday that you should “keep your eyes open”.

Reason: Due to the departure of Dennis Erdmann (31) and Rasim Bulic (21), the staffing level had become thin, especially in the defensive area.

The new central defender comes with great praise!

Trainer Uwe Koschinat (50) to BILD: “We are gaining a player who will develop regular player potential very very quickly.” What particularly distinguishes Becker from Koschinat’s point of view is his “enormous speed”.

Koschinat continues: “With him we have a defender who certainly has no speed disadvantage compared to strikers.”

However: Becker already trained with the Werder professionals, but so far only played in the U23 area in the regional league. “For him it is now a matter of asserting himself in real men’s football as quickly as possible,” explains the coach.

In addition, Becker lacks match practice – since September 2020 he has only been on the pitch nine times, which was also due to the early termination of the Regionalliga Nord’s season.

Koschinat has known his new protégé for 12 years. “He comes from Koblenz and played there when I was young when I was on the professional team. That was a strong 2000 vintage. He was definitely the most outstanding talent. “

Then Becker moved to 1. FC Köln, where the paths crossed at least in the city – Koschinat took over at Fortuna.

Now they have brought the paths together again. Will Becker play in Osnabrück at the start of the year on Saturday? Koschinat: “First I have to collect impressions and see how quickly I can be brave.”


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