1. FC Saarbrücken – Joker Steinkötter stabs, grenade Grimaldi hits

Third division 1. FC Saarbrücken is fighting for promotion.

There is the big interim report in BILD. Today: the attack!

► Minos Gouras (23/16 games): The fast German-Greek scored five goals. Basically a good record, but he also misses a few opportunities. Is in the focus of the 2nd division. PICTURE grade 3

► Marius Köhl (20/5 games): Even got a starting eleven in Verl. Still too hectic in front of the goal, I have to improve physically. 3. League is currently still a size too big for him. PICTURE grade 4

► Sebastian Jacob (28/15 games): Still lagging a little behind my own claims. Hit three times. But is always a bit of a victim of the koshinat system. PICTURE grade 3

► Maurice Deville (29/13 games): He plays well when he feels trust. A very sensitive player, who, however, recently showed increasing form, also brought new momentum from the bench again and again. Two goals. PICTURE grade 3

Justin Steinkötter came from Gladbach’s U23 to 1. FC Saarbrücken before the season Photo: Andreas Schlichter

► Adriano Grimaldi (30/20 games): Defied all critics, scored eight goals and was involved in four other assists. At the back he ran out of breath, the winter break will do him good. PICTURE grade 2

► Justin Steinkötter (22/15 games): It may sound strange, but Steinkötter is another discovery of this preliminary round. Although only short-time workers (maximum working time: 45 minutes), the newcomer from Gladbach was involved in five hits. His speed is a weapon. You want to see more of him after the break. PICTURE grade 2


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