1. FC Magdeburg: The reason for the Bittroff problems

Will Alexander Bittroff (33) fit in time for the start of the year at 1. FC Magdeburg tomorrow (2 p.m.) in Freiburg? On Thursday there was a clear no!

While the team set off on the longest away trip of the season (700 kilometers), Bittroff had to stay in Magdeburg.

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Instead of sitting in the team bus, the defender, who was only able to complete most of the preparation individually due to a strain, sat on the dentist’s operating chair!

Trainer Christian Titz (50) explains: “We believe that the muscular problems he had came from his teeth.” Au Backe! Inflammation was found on two wisdom teeth. Pulled the aching biters straight.

Coach Christian Titz has to continue without his routine defensePhoto: Ronny Hartmann

The solution to Bittroff’s woes? In any case, his trainer is convinced: “Now Alex will need a few days and then I think he can get back into training.”

In addition to the veteran, Sebastian Jakubiak (28 / training deficit), Benjamin Leneis (22 / gastrointestinal problems), Tobias Knost (21 / pelvic tilt), Nico Granatowski (30 / Achilles tendon), Florian Kath (27 / injured) will also be missing in Freiburg ) and Connor Krempicki (27/5 yellow cards).


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