1. FC Magdeburg – Condé explains his pants tick

Promotion hero Amara Condé (25) is the central figure in the development game of 1. FC Magdeburg! With Kiel (six games) he has already sniffed second division air. It is clear that he is a very big hope in the club’s plans to establish itself permanently in the 2nd division.

But before his comeback in the second division – his contract with FCM has been extended according to BILD information – there is one more thing to be clarified: his “pants tick”.

In every game, the native of Saxony (Freiberg) rolls up his shorts to swim trunks in the second half.

What’s going on there? Too muscular thighs?

Condé says with a grin: “It’s all in your head.”

Then he explains the psychological trick, where he gets his second breath from: “At some point in the game I have the feeling that my legs are getting heavier, everything is getting too tight, there is no air. Then the pants have to go up. After that I feel free and it goes on.”

How does he deal with the mental “backpack” of having to help organize the mission to stay up in the second division as a leading player?

He doesn’t put himself under pressure: “Our goals remain the same. We will continue to develop our way of playing football. Even more dominance, even more ball possession, even more pressure forward. We just want to play a good role in the league.”


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