1. FC Köln: Thanks to Heldt: MEYER Köln future possible after rescue!

The league restart of Max Meyer (25) after 1030 days: At 1. FC Köln he started with a few minutes in stoppage time in a 3-1 win against Bielefeld. From now on Meyer wants to take off!

The big question: Does Cologne have a chance that the former national player (4 appearances) will stay with FC beyond the summer if the league succeeds?

“That is conceivable,” says Meyer, “but first of all it’s about getting match practice and helping the club to stay in the league. That’s the most important. It’s not about me doing every game. We will discuss the rest in summer. “

Meyer (was without a club) collected around 250,000 euros for five months on loan from FC (BILD reported). A future at FC would then be a lot more expensive for the club, at Crystal Palace in England Meyer is said to have earned up to 10 million euros.

Were there any other offers besides FC?

Meyer: “Yes, from abroad. But I wanted to go back to the Bundesliga. Cologne is a huge club, from day one you can feel the force behind the club. “

One of the main reasons for the change in Cologne was sports boss Horst Heldt (51). Meyer: “He made me a professional at Schalke back then. So there is still a lot of gratitude from my side. The contact has never been broken. “

A return to Schalke was never an issue. “There was no offer,” says Meyer. However, Meyer threatens an explosive reunion with his ex-club (146 appearances / 17 goals) on the last day of the game.

Meyer: “I hope that we will have enough points by then and that we will avoid a final. My relationship with Schalke has never really broken off, I still know a few players, Pysios and kit managers. “


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