1. FC Köln: Sturm-Klartext from Cologne’s defense boss Czichos!

A man of clear words! Cologne’s defense boss Rafael Czichos (30) is one of the few players who also face bad bankruptcies. He also speaks clearly on these three explosive topics!

Coach print

Markus Gisdol (51) has already been saved from losing his job four times by his team. Do you notice the pressure on him?

“Before the season started, everyone knew that it was going to be a very difficult season,” said Czichos. “We’re back in a situation that we didn’t want to get into. But I can’t say that the character of the coach has changed compared to the year and a half before. “

Storm problems

In 29 mandatory games, FC 19x played with a different line-up in defense! Result: Bad defensive mistakes that led to goals conceded!

Czichos: “The problem is not only aimed at the defense. We have to work with a lot of bills in general. If we look at the offensive, the squad is not optimally structured. We don’t need to talk about the fact that we have problems there. Especially in the foremost area. It’s also related to that. “

Quarantine frustration

In order to be able to finish the league in the corona pandemic, there are plans for quarantine training camps for the clubs (April 14th to 26th).

“It annoys everyone in Germany how it works. Neither of us likes going to a training camp where we are more or less locked in a hotel, “explains Czichos,” but we started last year to save the season – and we would do it again this time. So that we can offer the audience a certain amount of entertainment and distraction at home. “


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