1. FC Köln: Lukas Podolski convicts Cologne boss Wolf of the lie!

Marathon general meeting at 1. FC Köln. Cologne’s board bosses around President Werner Wolf (64) got a big black eye after 21 months in office and now also have theater with club icon Poldi!

The actions of the board of directors and the former board of directors were approved for the 2019/20 financial year (66 percent in favor). During the meeting, however, there was a lot of criticism from the almost 6000 members who were virtually connected, accusations, tough questions and headwinds – especially during the debate.

Then at 11.12 p.m. the summit. World champion Lukas Podolski (36) convicted Wolf of a lie during the meeting, after Cologne’s president had previously emphasized, as in the last few weeks, that Poldi was in a good dialogue about his return to FC.

Poldi promptly spoke up on Twitter and immediately wrote: “During the FC general meeting it was declared that a.) I would not return to FC in the coming season, but b.) I would be in a good dialogue. a.) I can confirm, b.) not. “Then Poldi becomes clear:” The board of directors of 1. FC Köln is and has not been in contact with me. “

Clear Poldi edge as you know it from the ex-Cologne. And headwind of all things from the club legend, which the board has been pushing as an election promise since 2019, without ever being concrete.

In 2019, Cologne’s board of directors announced that they wanted to involve Lukas Podolski againPhoto: Patric Fouad

A communication fiasco, as it already existed with rescuer trainer Friedhelm Funkel (67). During the seven weeks of his tenure, Cologne’s board of directors only had contact with him through two phone calls and two cell phone messages and never met him personally.

Now Wolf and his vice-bosses Carsten Wettich and Eckhard Sauren got the receipt.

Trouble with Poldi. Also explosive because Wolf announced at the same general meeting that they wanted to tackle the Japanese market. Podolski could certainly have helped after his time in Japan. But for that you have to talk to him and not just leave that to financial boss Alexander Wehrle …


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