1. FC Köln: Gisdol ennobles Streich: Freiburg has the best coach in the league

Relegation battle. Existential fear. Constant pressure. It’s gratifying that in this tough professional business there is still room for respect from time to time.

Before the FC duel on Saturday in Freiburg (3:30 p.m.), Cologne coach Markus Gisdol (51) has now ennobled his colleague Christian Streich (55): “Freiburg have the best coach in the league!” He justified his judgment as follows: “Christian pulls his thing through. He’s someone who doesn’t let himself drift. “

From the words about the opponent and his head coach you can hear admiration: “Freiburg is no longer the little Freiburg. The SC can meanwhile also handle transfers amounting to 10 million euros, ”Gisdol aims at the purchase of midfielder Baptiste Santamaria (25) from Angers, who made a sensational hit.

Gisdol continues: “Every year, the people of Freiburg manage to reduce expectations to zero. They have a calm environment, otherwise they would not be able to play permanently in the first division. That is the key to their success, because other clubs can learn a bit from it. “

Christian Streich has been in office in Freiburg since 2011Photo: dpa

Regarding the long terms of office of the coach in Breisgau – Streich has been in office since 2011 – Gisdol says: “Maybe it’s because of the location in the Black Forest. There must be a good breeding ground there for long periods of residence. It felt like Volker Finke was on the bench for 30 years. The club does something special. “

Couldn’t Freiburg also be a role model for Cologne?

“Not every location can be compared with one another,” says Horst Heldt (51), FC’s sports boss. He also takes off his hat to the work of the Bundesliga ninth: “Over the years, Freiburg have made a great path with a lot of continuity. You are an integral part of the Bundesliga and have played internationally. It is remarkable what has happened there in the last few years, you have to say that. “


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