1-0 victory in Uerdingen: Prussia is getting on Red-White!

And suddenly it’s just a dot …

1-0 victory in Uerdingen. Prussia is getting on red and white!

Münster’s regional league table has seized the opportunity. Essen’s slip on Friday evening in Wegberg-Beek (only 1: 1) they countered with an – albeit meager – 1-0 win at bottom Uerdingen and moved up to one point at the front runner.

Be there when the promotion rival stumbles. It finally worked.

However: The performance of the eagle bearers in the severed league bottom was dominant from the start – but still not completely convincing. Above all, it is not very effective. So the boys of head coach Sascha Hildmann (49) missed early on to extend their lightning lead through Gerrit Wegkamp (2nd / 7th goal of the season). There were enough chances for this in front of 1322 spectators, for example by Henok Teklab (8th), Jannik Borgmann (28th) or Thorben Deters (38th).

Henok Teklab had the 2-0 for Prussia on foot in the eighth minute, but failed at the KFC goalkeeper and the postPhoto: firo Sportphoto / Jürgen Fromme

Instead, the mini-lead went into the dressing room after 45 minutes. However, it was safe because the KFC did not appear dangerous in front of the box of Prussian keeper Max Schulze Niehues (33) until then.

Unchanged picture even after restarting. The Prussians continue in. Forward movement without making any countable capital from their superiority. Even with the substitutions of Luke Hemmerich and Alexander Langlitz (57th / for Manuel Farrona Pulido and Teklab) there was no longer any risk of goal in the favorite’s game. In the end it stayed with a wafer-thin 1-0. At the same time, the seventh unbeaten game of the black and white greens in a row.

At the end of the day, Prussia's head coach Sascha Hildmann was happy about three very important points

At the end of the day, Prussia’s head coach Sascha Hildmann was happy about three very important pointsPhoto: firo Sportphoto / Jürgen Fromme

Hildmann’s conclusion: “We did not succeed in making a clear decision after the quick tour. After changing sides it got more and more confused. These three points are important and we are happy to take them with us. “

Far less nice: Around 600 ultra-supporters from Münster who had traveled with them clashed with the police and law enforcement officers during the half-time break, almost provoking the game to be abandoned. The second round could only be kicked off again after a security meeting with referee Marco Goldmann almost 20 minutes late.


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