1-0 against Freiburg – Zeitz heads FCS for the 4th victory in a row

Fourth victory in a row for 1. FC Saarbrücken!

In the table, this means 1-0 against Freiburg II 4th ​​place, one point behind third Mannheim and two behind second Braunschweig. Because captain Manuel Zeitz hits the front, but will be missing next week at the end of the year …

In front of the allowed 4800 spectators, coach Uwe Koschinat (50) changes to two positions in contrast to the 2: 1 in Zwickau.

Pius Krätschmer moves in for Dennis Erdmann, who is suffering from gastrointestinal disorders, and Dominik Ernst comes in for Maurice Deville (bank).

The first Saarbrücken chance after ten minutes, but Jänicke’s header from eleven meters has Sauter in the SCF goal (10th). The FCS is well in the game, presses the young Freiburg in the back early, Scheus shot clears Kammerknecht shortly before the line (17th).

Freiburg plays astonishingly rustic. Referee Speckner has big problems with the impulsive game. Bitter, however: FCS captain Manuel Zeitz sees his fifth yellow card, missing next Saturday for the start of the second half against Havelse.

Hit but missed the last home game of the year: FCS captain Manuel ZeitzPhoto: Andreas Schlichter

The captain is also in the spotlight afterwards, Sauter scratches his header off the line with a brilliant act (35th). The biggest chance for the FCS so far. After a cross from Scheu on the right, Kerber pulls directly from 13 meters, but Sauter has him again (40th). And then Zeitz is rewarded after all. Free kick from Müller’s half-field, Zeitz heads the ball into the left corner – 1-0 (43rd).

With a decent performance and a 1-0 lead, the FCS goes into the break against again and again dangerous Freiburg. And the FCS comes out of the cabin well: After a class pass from Ernst Grimaldi free passes the ball in front of the goal (51st). The game is getting more and more hectic, Saarbrücken produces too many free kicks, but is safe in the back.

The guests’ best chance is given by Vermeij (64th), whose shot does not pose too much of a problem to FCS keeper Batz. In the front, the substitute Steinkötter takes full risk after the flank of the also substituted Groiß, but his volleyball hit from 14 meters goes one or two meters over (84th). After Jacob put down Ernst, his shot goes over it too (88th).

Saarbrücken defends safely behind, leaves next to nothing – but misses time and again to bring about the decision. But in the end it was enough – and the FCS closed the preliminary round with 33 points. Three more than last season at the same time …


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